World Gone Mad cover artworkThis week we finished filming the music video for “World Gone Mad.” Certainly feels like a great time to share it with all that is going on in the world. We used some very high tech equipment including a $6,000 r/c drone to capture some fly over shots at Rabbit Island. See some screenshots, and behind the scenes pics below. Working with the super talented Todd Star from Focus Digital has been great fun.

The song is the second single release off my upcoming album, which will be ready in the new year (approx Feb/March) & will be ready for launch in a few weeks. Keep an eye out! Ryan Beehre has done an outstanding job and the song will show the level of skill & attention to detail he has put into this project. Listen to the first single “Morning Light” in case you missed it!


Next Gig is on next Friday Nov 25 at Rhythm & Brown Bar in Nelson. It’s the coziest bar in town, they play vinyl records too. We are celebrating the completion of Tegan’s massive adventure. She has run, biked & swum all around the South Island of NZ fundraising for bikes for African school kids. Her website shows what’s she’s been up to. Incredible human being! Have a read.