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Coming Home – New single released

Coming Home is the third single off my 4th studio album.

I have always enjoy performing this one live. I initially wrote it in Australia over 15 years ago, and have since tweaked the lyrics to complete the song. Sometimes songs get recorded and after playing them live hundreds of times, you realise there’s room for refinement and the song feels like it’s now complete.


The inspiration point came from the biblical story of the Prodical Son – an olden-day wild child who cashed in his inheritance early and went on a party/binge session living it up in the city… to find himself alone, with no money left and eating out of a pigs trough to survive. He returns home and his father was waiting and ran out to hug him. It’s a powerful scene that has always given me goosebumps.”

This recording is an acoustic version, and was self-produced at Hummingbird Recording Studio Nelson. The track was then mastered by Mike McCarthy at Manuka Studio in Auckland.

I like the ‘raw production’ vibe. It feels vulnerable and real which suits the subject matter. I needed to “put a lid on it” as it never felt finished.

Songbroker has released this worldwide on their Publishing label, including an Instrumental version for advertising and videos.

To listen on Spotify, Apple Music and more CLICK HERE

It was released officially on Feb 3, 2023 across all the major streaming platforms.

Radio Stations can download a hi res.wav file for broadcast RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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