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“A soulful & caring musician. Pleasant uplifting music. Relaxed and friendly, Bryce connected well with audience. Seen and heard at Nelson Centre of Musical Arts on Thu 6 June 2019. Attractive and warming stage setting too – magic!” 

“An awesome opening act for Australian Blues Maestro Shaun Kirk at the Mussel Inn, Takaka. A great selection of soulful, uplifting sounds. Loved the new songs!”

Germein Sisters, Bryce Wastney, Luke Inglis at The Toff In Town, Melbourne, April 9 2014

“Launching his album “Hope Mountain”, New Zealander Bryce Wastney continued to explore the themes initiated by Inglis, but his songs were lyrically more complex and more hard-hitting musically. Wastney’s laid back patter and confident stage presence allowed him to easily connect with the somewhat sedate, but attentive audience.  The highlight of this Kiwi’s set was, for me, “The Brightest Star”, a duet with Georgia Germein on keys.  Other standout tracks amongst his well-crafted offerings were the catchy country-tinged “Dead Man Walking” and the poignant “Bretania.”

Gig review Dec 3, 2017.
“Last Friday night, my husband & I attended a great gig at the Tahunanui Golf Club where the very talented BRYCE WASTNEY sang a wonderful selection of beautiful songs throughout the evening. He sang an array of Cat Stevens’s hits, some other covers & best of all some of his own originals. He is a relaxed, appealing & warm hearted performer. Nelson is most fortunate to have him living here in his home town again. Thanks for a thoroughly professional & entertaining evening Bryce. ”

True North Album review.

So he’s a smart, thoughtful singer-songwriter with something to say (life’s journey, faith in the face of adversity, love and the joy and doubt that comes with it), has a strong and expressive voice and one who carefully wraps his lyrics in memorable melodies. Fellow musician, the multi-instrumentalist Ryan Beehre who mixed this also deserves special mention. Here are 10 discreet songs which are well crafted and reward the effort made to locate at his website.”

True North Album Review.

“Listening to Bryce Wastney’s third studio album True North is like catching up with a dear old friend. It’s warm, intimate, honest and a lovely reminder of the shared bond you have. He’s a master craftsman — perhaps something he perfected as a boat-builder…when it comes to writing articulate and poignant songs such as World Gone Mad and Too Late, both of which are reflectively wistful and rich in imaginary ideas. Other highlights include Hearts On Fire and The Hurricane, but this is an album that you need to listen to throughout with your favorite tipple and simply enjoy.”

“This is some of the most beautiful music I have ever listened to. I play it just about every day!!! Still !! It’s uplifting, inspiring, joyful, thoughtful, heartfelt, real…. his guitar is stunning….bright, clear, easy and rich. The songs speak of a life lived authentically and feelings considered deeply, and they help me recognise my own journey more clearly.”

Jude Waters. Album Review

“We had the opportunity of hosting Bryce in our cafe in Melbourne. It was an amazing experience! While not just a top bloke, he is a genuine & authentic musician who writes, sings and plays from the heart. The journey with him is inspirational, captivating and one that leaves you wanting more.”

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