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The songwriters play an important role in the music scene. They are the architects of new music. Great songs played well on an acoustic guitar or with a band cut through the noise and warm hearts.

Discover the music of New Zealand singer/songwriter Bryce Wastney. Inspired by the song-craft of Cat Stevens, Neil Finn and Kings of Leon, Bryce’s music naturally traverses the pop-rock, country and folk genres – always soulful whatever the genre, it’s the ideal soundtrack for the traveller and free spirit in us all.

In 2023 Bryce has been recording with world class producers in UK including Dan Healy.

As a songwriter, Bryce is the real deal. He writes timeless classic songs that should be all over the radio. World class talent and a joy to work with – Dan Healy, UK

Born in Nelson New Zealand, Bryce Wastney is a well-travelled singer/songwriter who has mastered his craft performing hundreds of gigs starting in Taranaki, then New Zealand wide and a relentless tour schedule in Australia when he was based in Melbourne for 2 years.

His songs capture your imagination and with a relaxed and confident stage presence you’ll find yourself getting drawn in to the music while time stands still. Bryce is now based in Nelson and is now an experienced Producer, currently working on his 4th studio album, which is mostly self-produced at Hummingbird Recording Studio.

Bryce originally trained as a trade certified boat builder before changing tack and completing a visual arts/teaching degree at a University in Sydney, Australia in 2003. With 7 years of classical piano lessons behind him, he switched his focus to acoustic guitar, and with a notebook filled with freshly penned songs, the adventures began.

I was a shy kid, and remember my first live performance at the Nelson School of music. I was 8 years old and my piano teacher said “No matter what… don’t stop”. An elderly man in the front row had a stroke and fell on the floor as I played the full version of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. By the time I was finished the ambulance had taken him to hospital. I received a standing ovation, however I told my mum I was never going to do that ever again.”

March 2017 saw the independent release of Bryce’s 3rd album titled TRUE NORTH. A highly polished collection of songs tried & tested on the road before entering the studio with award-winning producer Ryan Beehre (From the band Minuit) This album showcases his songwriting in a fresh new light, with warm synths and electronica entering the sonic mix. The first single was released with a music video titled “Morning Light” and then followed by “World Gone Mad”

TRUE NORTH keeps the acoustic guitar and vocal front and centre in the mix while taking the listener on an enchanting journey throughout the 10 tracks. Each song has a powerful story behind it, which Bryce skilfully shares from the stage in a way that puts the audience at ease and minds deep inside the songs. Not many artists can do this as authentically and naturally as Bryce can.

In the summer of 2016 Bryce successfully packed out the Christchurch Cathedral in Nelson with Ryan Beehre playing lead guitar. Together they delivered a memorable concert focused around NZ Mental Health Awareness week.

He completed 25 shows NZ wide performing the songs and telling the story of Cat Stevens alongside Ryan Beehre on lead guitar. The show is titled “Wild World” and has been a huge success, selling out 20 small/ medium-sized venues around New Zealand.

In January 2014, Bryce was selected to be the support act for Australian music sensation Guy Sebastian. Then played a series of shows with the multi-award-winning Germein Sisters throughout Australia in April and New Zealand in May.

In October 2014 Bryce announced the release of the SONGBOOK & SIX STRING concert DVD with iconic NZ singer/songwriter Paul Ubana Jones. Filmed at the historic Old St John’s in Nelson it features a 25 person choir backing the two singers as they perform in this magical setting.

Bryce is an active World Vision ambassador artist and happily promotes child sponsorship. He sponsors 2 children himself and has flown to Indonesia and met them both.

It was a powerful life-changing experience and a significant event that has helped shape my perspective and songwriting.”

In 2012 Bryce released his 3rd album titled HOPE MOUNTAIN features songs that were influenced by his World Vision travels, then went on to complete a 15 date national tour in Australia. His song “Dead Man Walking” was produced with the help of a veteran American producer, Stephen Wrench in the USA.

After national TV appearances, it went to #2 on the NZ iTunes charts when released. Several other tracks charted around the world including “The Brightest Star” which has become a crowd favourite.

After relocating to Melbourne in 2011, Bryce toured and played hundreds of shows honing his craft. Local musicians Kane Sole, Damon Smith, John Bridgens, Mike McCarthy and Sam McKenzie helped produce the intimate and raw ACOUSTIC SESSIONS EP.

In 2010 Bryce independently released his first album titled A PERFECT DAY FOR TRAVEL. Produced by Dale Willis in Sydney, Australia. Talented musicians Leighton Heise and Tim Burcham played drums and bass with NZ Country singer Aly Cook adding backing vocals later on. The album gained impressive industry reviews, with six songs off the album featuring alongside the songs of Cat Stevens in the multi-award-winning New Zealand feature film Last Paradise. Last Paradise film was a hit and packed out cinemas around the world including the largest outdoor cinema in the USA, The Arlington Theatre.

Bryce’s first self-titled EP was made in an old farmhouse in Urenui, Taranaki. Produced by Dale Willis using limited resources such as a coat hanger and his sister’s stockings for a vocal pop filter. These CD’s have long sold out and sold thousands in the Taranaki region alone.


Hummingbird Recording Studio, Nelson NZ

Songbook & Six String DVD promo trailer

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