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Ain’t No Flame – single + music video released

Ain’t No Flame is the first single off my 4th studio album.

It’s a song that was inspired by the deadly fires in Nelson/Tasman in 2019. I have always worked alongside recording engineers on previous tracks, and this time I wanted to self-produce this in my own Recording Studio. It was recorded and mixed at Hummingbird Recording Studio Nelson, New Zealand.



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The song was written and played solo using my loop station. Each section is performed live, building layers as I play it, and as the song builds you can feel the intensity.

When the devestating fires happened in Nelson Tasman it was a very scary time. Many of our homes (including mine) were close to the flames and the fire service did an amazing job keeping it under control.

I wanted to explore the idea that has become the basis of all fire fighting. That is remove the fuel and the fire will burn out. It’s a concept that we can all relate to in other aspects of human relationships.

I must have exported WELL over 100 mixes, listening to them in my car until I felt it had reached it’s destination and Mike McCarthy mastered it at Manuka Recording studio in Auckland, NZ. He is an experienced Mastering engineer and recording mentor to me, and we worked together on my Hope Mountain Album in 2014.

The music video helps the listeners get an insight from the images and flames. The footage filmed in my studio by the talented Jess Shirley and the fire footage features dramatic live footage from the California fires in 2018.

I hope this song helps listeners get a feeling of respect for fire and also reflect on the changes we are seeing in our natural seasons and environment.

Songbroker has released this worldwide on their Publishing label, including an Instrumental version for advertising and videos.

Radio Stations can download a hi res.wav file for broadcast RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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