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The Dream – new single released

The Dream is the second single from my upcoming 4th studio album.

The lyrics were likely inspired by my late night train rides to and from gigs in the city. The trip was 2 hours each way and that’s where I learnt to play the harmonica.

The lights of the city that I’m leaving behind me, poking holes in the darkness, it will always remind me, that what doesn’t kill can make you feel stronger somehow.”

Dreams are amazing things. I decided to feature a TV recording from Martin Luther-Kings famous speech.  Performing this live is a real buzz. Adding the guitar layers with my loop machine as the song develops generates a big sound.

Recorded and self-produced at Hummingbird Recording Studio in Nelson, New Zealand. It features my lovely 1980 Ibanez 12 String Acoustic guitar. Mike McCarthy did the mastering at Manuka Recording studio in Auckland, NZ.

Songbroker has released this worldwide on their Publishing label, including an Instrumental version for advertising and videos.

To listen on Spotify, Apple Music and more CLICK HERE

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It was released officially December 2, 2022 across all the major streaming platforms.

Radio Stations can download a hi res.wav file for broadcast RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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