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Nelson Christmas song remixed

It’s been 5 years since Blair Kiddey began his new job as the host of the Breeze in Nelson. He asked me at a festival I was performing at (he was the stage MC) about writing a Nelson Christmas song. Well, after a weekend of furious writing, Blair sent me some lyrics and asked if I could “play a few guitar chords” over and record it.

After 80 hours of recording, editing and rallying the troops, we came up with this catchy tune. It was a hot summer and having 7 members of the Giants basketball team in my small studio was hilarious! It ballooned into something quite magical and it needed a video to accompany it.

When we released it in 2017 it went viral and with in 24 hours we had over 25,000 views and it seems that local Nelsonian’s were sharing it with friends and family abroad.

I listened to it with fresh ears and after making over 80 songs in my studio, I could hear opportunities to improve it. My ear for producing had grown. I did a complete remix, added a bass line, strings, synths, re tracked acoustic guitars, beefed up the drums and claps. The new mix is much catchier and is a bigger/fuller sound compared to the original.\.

It’s been a crazy 5 years. We have overcome some big obstacles like Covid19 and many more… Working on this reminds me that Nelson is such a great place to live. Sure, we don’t have snow at Christmas, but we have lots to be thankful for. We make it our own and what’s not to like about that?

The song was aired live to The Breeze audience today broadcasting live from The Rutherford Hotel.

Blair is at the top of the local radio ratings and he’s such a gem for our local community. He can play Saxophone pretty well too!

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