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Discover the music of New Zealand singer/songwriter Bryce Wastney. Inspired by the acoustic music of Cat Stevens, Neil Finn, and Travis, Bryce’s music naturally traverses the folk, country, rock and pop genres – always soulful whatever the genre. It’s the ideal soundtrack for the traveller and free spirit in us all.

Born in the sunny coastal town of Nelson, New Zealand, Bryce is an accomplished guitarist and a well-travelled singer/songwriter who has performed both nationally and internationally.

“The day will come when Australians will claim he’s one of theirs, that’s how good Kiwi songwriter Bryce Wastney is.” Mike Alexander – Sunday Star-Times

“So he’s a smart, thoughtful singer-songwriter with something to say (life’s journey, faith in the face of adversity, love and the joy and doubt that comes with it), has a strong and expressive voice and one who carefully wraps his lyrics in memorable melodies.” Graham Reid – NZ Music Reviewer

Bryce has released 3 full-length albums (A Perfect Day For Travel, Hope Mountain, True North), a 6 track Acoustic EP, (Acoustic Sessions), a favourite covers album using a battery-powered tape recorder (Rough Diamonds), and the Songbook & Six String live concert recording and doco (CD + DVD) with New Zealand music icon Paul Ubana Jones.

They are all up on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and all the top online stores. To read a more comprehensive bio click HERE


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