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“It’s great to have lunchtime concerts back at Nelson Centre of Musical Arts (NCMA) now that Covid restrictions are easing, and local singer/songwriter Bryce Wastney was the perfect choice for the first one on Thursday 5 May.

Bryce is known for the sincerity of his performances, and he didn’t disappoint. Apart from ‘Wild World’ by one of his musical heroes, Cat Stevens, all the songs were Bryce’s own compositions, and it was interesting to hear about their origins. For example, one was inspired by the Tasman Fires of 2019, while several were written during Lockdown. Occasionally, a bit of technical wizardry made it sound as if he was playing more than one guitar – how does he do that?

All in all, this concert was one of those occasions when place, performer and audience came together with a feeling of shared enjoyment. Thanks, Bryce and NCMA, for making it happen.”

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