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Nelson Wine Growers event (sold out)

Being a fan of a great Pinot, I was thrilled to be playing music at this local event. Wine and music do go together and it was neat to see all the local growers get together and show off their wine. Chocolate Dog Photography and Jessie Creedmore took some pics. Remember to choose local to support the independent growers. They need all the sales they can get in a very competitive industry.

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Mussel Inn, Sunrise Walk for wellbeing gig and more news..

Spring is in the air, and Im feeling a huge surge of songs coming out again. Winter time is vital to slow down on the gigging front, reinvent and reflect. Im 5 songs into my next studio album. Keep an eye out on my social media channels for sneaky listens. This weekend Im playing a gig at the World Famous Mussel Inn in Golden Bay with Shaun Kirk. He is a one man band with a great rock / blues…

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Rough Diamonds album released today!

Hi there, it's NZ Music Month and I wanted to share something new. Rough Diamonds is a selection of raw demo tracks incl soulful renditions of my fav cover tracks incl a live gig track from my travels in Melbourne. Kings of Leon, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Coldplay, The Beatles and more, all recorded in hotel rooms, my bedroom and at live gigs on my pocket sized battery powered zoom H4 portable recorder. It's FREE on Spotify + Bandcamp, so grab your fav headphones…

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