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Songbroker Publishing deal announcement. Listen to new demos.

I’ve realized in times like these the best thing I can do for the world is to create and write music. It’s my unique gift and passion.

I’m thrilled to announce I have just signed a Music Publishing contract with Songbroker. I’ve signed over my back catalogue of albums eg A Perfect Day for Travel, Hope Mountain, and True North. There’s a list of brilliant New Zealand artists under their umbrella, so I’m wrapped to be part of the Songbroker family.

“We are delighted Bryce’s songs are of now part our catalogue. Bryce is a talented and prolific songwriter and we’re really looking forward to his forthcoming 4th album, which is sounding amazing.”

Songbroker NZ

Songbroker presents music to Film Producers, TV shows, Advertising soundtracks, Podcasts, and more. They are based in New Zealand and run by like-minded creatives. If you ever need good quality New Zealand-made music for a film, Podcast, or advertising project, Songbroker is the place to go.

Independent musicians like myself work hard and invest thousands of dollars into each song recording, so it feels good to have my songs placed where they will get heard and used for the greater things. It’s a fair deal which means my recordings can generate income when Streaming platforms like Spotify basically let everyone listen for free and the artists gets very little. (don’t get me wrong I love Spotify!, but you get the point hey…)

Current projects. Sneaky listen to demos

I’m currently working on 7 new tracks that have been recorded at Hummingbird Recording Studio and they still need final vocals re-tracked. These will be added to the Songbroker list when ready and will make up my 4th studio album! These songs have had more work than anything else I have released previously, and it’s great to be able to take my time and do it organically.

It feels a lot more “me”. I’ve enjoyed working with some great producers like Dale Willis, Mike McCarthy, Ryan Beehre, Sam MacKenzie, Eric Charlton, Stephen Wrench, Brian Hatcher and more, but there’s nothing more real, honest and authentic than being directly in charge of the whole process. Have a sneaky listen! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Track titles:

Ain’t No Flame – This was built with live guitar loops and was initially inspired by the devastating bushfires we experienced a few summers ago.

The Dream – About a reoccurring dream I once had. My lovely 12 string guitar leads the way on this one.

No Collusion – I wrote this in the small town of Reefton, on an old piano outside the art gallery, and I get somewhat ‘political’ in this one. Inspired by media reports of “No Collusion with the Russians.” I like the Donald Trump-ism near the end.

Coming Home – A completely new version from my debut album. It’s an anthem song with roaring 12 string guitars and a foot-stompin’ beat. New lyrics and catchy as hell!

Counting On Love – A newly recorded acoustic version from a previous album. I like how raw and honest it is.

Hearts On Fire – A big anthem version completely reworked from a previous album. Lyrics have been re-worked. I’m still working on this one, but I like the way the guitars sound and build together.

I Believe – A new song that’s about freedom of thought. I was told by someone that “it’s not right” when I was initially jamming the idea on my phone, so I decided to raise the middle finger and carry on and develop it some more. It’s a work in progress, but I like it. It’s got a very catchy hook that I can’t get out of my head.

Anyway, that’s my news. Thank you for your support and for reading my updates. I hope everyone is staying healthy and keeping a positive mindset as we navigate another Covid lockdown challenge in New Zealand, Australia and the world. I had my first Covid Jab last week.

Please drop me a message and say hello!

Thanks for reading this far and taking a genuine interest in my creativity.


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