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Hummingbird Recording Studio

New recordings coming soon

It’s been a while since I last posted on my website. Last year and the early part of 2021 life got a bit messy and there was the Covid situation. I needed to step back from recording, performing, building a new studio and focus on my health and well being. 2020 delivered some heavy punches but I am grateful for friends and family. Living in New Zealand is such a blessing when I see what’s happening in the world. I’m sorry if you are still in lockdown!

The good news is that I am writing and recording again. I have 6 new recordings all at various states of completion. My cousin Caroline has generously let me work from her music room which means I can chip away at these tracks. I’m producing these myself, which is a first for me. Expect the sound to be full, rich, acoustic guitars front and centre, catchy arrangements, epic builds which flow in the style of the final track on my True North album – Even flow. Picking up where I left off kind of thing.

It was neat to sing at half time to a packed stadium for the Giants vs Mountain Airs basketball game recently. You can watch some video footage on my facebook page. Good to blow out some cobwebs and give my Ibanez 12 string some air time.

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