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Rough Diamonds album released today!

Hi there, it’s NZ Music Month and I wanted to share something new.

Rough Diamonds is a selection of raw demo tracks incl soulful renditions of my fav cover tracks incl a live gig track from my travels in Melbourne. Kings of Leon, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Coldplay, The Beatles and more, all recorded in hotel rooms, my bedroom and at live gigs on my pocket sized battery powered zoom H4 portable recorder. 

It’s FREE on Spotify + Bandcamp, so grab your fav headphones and enjoy the recordings.

Rough Diamonds is unpolished & raw, some parts have birds chirping in the background, my friends Chris Lewis (Mandolin/Cello) and Simon Terrill (Drums), and Brian Hatcher playing lead acoustic on The Brightest Star. There’s some rogue notes, but it’s about as real and honest as it gets!

In a world where everything seems to be tweaked to perfection, in my opinion, something gets lost and that’s what I’m exploring here.

Rough Diamonds limited edition CD. $20 plus postage.

I am proud to announce we have a limited edition short run of 50 CD’s. All hand coloured and individual.

It’s just nice to be able to share it and I can continue writing my next studio album.

I hope you enjoy these little gems. 


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