Sept 20: Latest single “Gentle Annie” goes to radio worldwide today!


The latest radio single release from NZ singer/songwriter Bryce Wastney. It’s a happy song about being grateful to have a place called home. Inspired by a local hill called Gentle Annie which is just moments around the corner from Bryce’s home in Nelson, New Zealand.

Bryce finds inspiration from traveling and wrote this song while driving home from a national tour, which resulted in a speeding ticket!

It turns out that the hill was originally called “Sledge Hill” because the kids used to sledge down it, but was later changed to Gentle Annie due to a popular song written by a famous american songwriter called Stephen C Forster (he wrote “Oh Susanah”)

This is the 6th global radio release from Bryce Wastney since signing a management & distribution deal to top Indie Record label in USA Musik & Film Records. Currently Bryce’s songs have been very popular & have been picked up by over 50,000 radio stations worldwide! Gentle Annie is featured on “Hope Mountain” album which can be purchased in the STORE section on this site.

Listen to a sample HERE

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