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Album Review: A Perfect Day For Travel.

“If we were talking a film synopsis, journeyman Bryce Wastney would be your engaging, sympathetic everyman protagonist – you feel you like the guy just from his musical personality. There’s a wide-open Australian outback feel to the compositions (the album was tracked in NSW by guitarist Dale Willis).
Most appealing are the layered acoustic guitar beds and tasteful leads. Wastney has a husky low vocal register and power in reserve when he opens up. He could be an Antipodean Jack Johnson, and that’s not meant to be derogatory. I am also reminded of Andrew White.
Lyrically, you can spot a rhyming couplet a mile off, but this reinforces the straight-up, relatable style.
My Music Thing describes a conversation where the artist defends his urge to create in the face of pressing pragmatism. Supporting musicians colour the tracks with tightly coiled, sprightly playing: Willis (guitars), Tim Burcham (drums) and Leighton Heise on bass.
Closing track Light My Way boasts a soaring string arrangement. Wastney is aiming for beauty and is often on target. While not earth-moving, this album is a nice place to park and take in the sunset.”

Written by Jacob Connor – NZ Musician Magazine

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