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Music in the courtyard, Cooranbong NSW, Dec 8 2013

“In a small intimate courtyard in Cooranbong, a small rural town 1 hour north of Sydney, there was a magic performance by NZ artist Bryce Wastney. From Nelson NZ, Bryce is a natural entertainer who endeared himself easily to the audience though both his humorous stories he told between numbers and the warm original songs he sang.
From the moment Bryce started to sing his hit song, Dead Man Walking, you could hear people singing along with the chorus and taping their feet in time with the song. Each song he sang had its story that touched the heart. A standout song was “The Brightest Star” which was the story of a diver on an oil rig who lived 10 days at a time under the water all by himself completely cut off from the outside world. That would be enough to depress anyone, but this diver had mastered the way of staying upbeat by to looking up through the water and waves to see the stars above. Nice advice for anyone who needs a little healthy perspective on things; look up and see the stars.
Today’s performance took him back to the birth of his musical career with the purchase of his first guitar from Avondale Music and then lessons from fellow singer songwriter Peter Dixon. In a fitting tribute to his former teacher, Bryce finished off his concert with an impromptu invitation for Peter Dixon and a local Drummer Chris Morgan to join him in his last song for the day.
If you ever get the chance to experience Bryce live in concert just do it, you won’t be disappointed. His music will take you on a journey you won’t want to forget. I have a distinct feeling you will be seeing lots more of Bryce around with his unique sound already climbing the charts of NZ, Finland and Australia. Rock on Bryce your music is awesome.”

Neil Thompson, Director of La Vida Centre Life Coach, NNSW Conference SDA

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