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Germein Sisters, Bryce Wastney, Luke Inglis at The Toff In Town, Melbourne, April 9 2014

“Even though the gig was bookended with covers All Along The Watchtower from Luke Inglis and a spirited rendition of Avicii’s “Hey Brother” as an encore from the Germein Sisters, this was primarily an evening of fresh original material from three very different acts.

Inglis’ acoustic version of the Dylan classic set the tone for his set, a collection of songs themed with issues of hope and justice.  The Melbourne-based performer was easy on the ear and his relaxed performance was well received.

Launching his album “Hope Mountain”, New Zealander Bryce Wastney continued to explore the themes initiated by Inglis, but his songs were lyrically more complex and more hard-hitting musically.  Wastney’s laid back patter and confident stage presence allowed him to easily connect with the somewhat sedate, but attentive audience.  The highlight of this Kiwi’s set was, for me, “The Brightest Star”, a duet with Georgia Germein on keys.  Other standout tracks amongst his well-crafted offerings were the catchy country-tinged “Dead Man Walking” and the poignant “Bretania”.

The energy level in the room rose considerably when the Germein Sisters took the stage.  Playing instruments adorned with fairy lights and with bass player/cellist Ella crowned by a garland of flowers, the Adelaide girls delivered a seamless set of high energy pop and rock originals.  Georgia Germein led her siblings, drummer Clara and the effervescent Ella, from the front, delivering haunting vocals underscored with confident lead guitar and keyboard parts.

The Germein Sisters look great on stage, but they are no glammed-up Barbie dolls.  These girls can play and they can rock!  Like their fellow performers, many of their songs dealt with positive themes of hope and light and overcoming adversity.

At times, the similarity between the sounds created by these girls and Irish group “The Corrs” was uncanny.  Even so, this trio of sisters is not a carbon copy of any other outfit.  The Germein Sisters are creating their own music and much of it is infused with an infectious joy.  They deserve a much bigger audience in Australia and beyond.”

Vic Campbell (VC Media Record Label)

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