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Live in The Lounge with Luke Shaw and World Vision at Yazza Cafe, Nelson, July 5 2014

“The first ‘Live in the Lounge’ show at Yaza Cafe was extremely well attended and well received by all present and I enjoyed it immensely. Luke Shaw’s thought provoking and heartfelt set was followed by the very talented Bryce Wastney, singing and playing some of his expertly crafted songs with great passion and skill. The amiable, chatty interludes between Bryce’s songs were highly entertaining and informative, especially as he touched on his association with World Vision and the rehabilitation of former child soldiers in Africa. Bryce’s genial demeanour, warmth, and sense of humour combined with his obvious skill on guitar and harmonica made for a very enjoyable and purposeful night. The ‘Live in the Lounge’ concept works well in an intimate setting and I’m sure will be a major blessing + privilege for all those who avail themselves of the opportunity to participate in it.”

Justin Eade

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